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            Mr. Neubert has 46+ years industrial experience, of which 45 has been directly associated in the advanced composite materials field.  He is expert in materials selection, structural analysis, design and fabrication technology of composites for the aircraft and spacecraft industries.  As an independent consultant during 1979 through 1992 and 2006 to present, his skills and experience are in constant demand.  He is nationally recognized for work using composites in dimensionally stable structures and microcracking effects resulting from extreme thermal environments.

            As a structural analyst, Mr. Neubert is highly proficient in performing detailed hand calculations and finite element analysis.  He is well versed in the use of NASTRAN, ANSYS and Strand 7 for static and dynamic solutions to complex problems.  He has developed and markets nationally, special purpose software packages used in composite analysis.

            As a Part 23 and 25 FAA Structures and Composites DER, Mr. Neubert has participated in the type and supplemental certification process, including transport aircraft seating, TCAS installations, composite aircraft develop­ment, and numerous general aviation modifications.  He has published extensively on the use of composite materials in custom built aircraft. 

            As an independent consultant, Mr. Neubert has assisted firms in the transportation, aerospace, and commercial industries to develop new products and bring them to the marketplace.  On long term assignments, Mr. Neubert typically resides on site with the host firm, while smaller assignments are usually performed on a FFP basis from the Anaheim Hills office.  References and additional information are available on request.


Technical Director/Sr. Scientist
ATK  Space Systems Corona (formerly Programmed Composites, Inc.)
Corona, CA
January 1993 to October 2006

President, H. D. Neubert & Associates, Inc.
Anaheim, CA
September 1979 to Present

Manager of Analysis
Composite Horizons, Inc.
West Covina, CA
March 1979 to September 1979

Senior Staff Engineer, Mechanical Engineering Laboratory
TRW Defense and Space Systems Group
Redondo Beach, CA
September 1972 to March 1979

Senior Design Engineer
General Dynamics/Convair Aerospace Division
San Diego, CA
June 1966 to September 1972


Since 1980, Mr. Neubert, has assisted customers in meeting their product development goals.

Analysis of a Filament Wound Railroad Hopper Car (Glasshopper/SCI)
Syntactic Submarine Sonar Window (US Navy/Haveg-Reinhold)
Jet Engine Exhaust Exit Fairing (Lavi/Aeronca)
Large Diameter Vacuum Chamber (JPL/COI)
Aircraft Propeller Drive Shaft (CompositAir)
Avtek 400 Aircraft Production Tooling Plan (Avtek)
Lightweight Airline Bench Seat (UOP Aerospace/CompositAir)
Starship Co-Curing Process Improvement Plan (Beechcraft/Goldsworthy)
Airborne Land Mine Dispenser (US Army/Honeywell)
Lightweight Ship Doors (Ingalls/Sparta)
Blackhawk Composite Overwrapped Hydraulic Actuators (US Army/Bertea)
Double Dome Submarine Radar Radome (ARGO/ACPT)
Wing/Fuselage NASTRAN Model Development & Subcomponent Test Plan (LearAvia)
Submersible Acoustic Towing Spool (Texas Instruments/ACPT)
Failure Analysis of a Prosthetic Leg (FlexFoot)
Solar Array Thermo-Elastic Distortion Analysis (TRW)
Dimensionally Stable Tubular Structure Investigation (TRW)
NASA/Hubbel Space Telescope Faint Object Camera Optical Bench (Matra Espace)
Lightweight Composite Missile Fin (Raytheon/Aeronca)
Behaviour of a Composite Orthotic due to Time Varying Loads (Medical Materials)
Diurnal Beam Pointing Analysis of Orbiting Spacecraft (TRW)
Mine Safety Association Filament Wound Pressure Vessel (SCI)
Stress/Dynamic Analysis of a Sapphire Filter (Irvine Sensors)
MSAT Ku-Band Reflector Analysis (Spar Aerospace)
Cessna Citation III & V TCAS Installation STC (Elliott Beechcraft)
Composite Well Drilling Casing (EOR/ACPT)
Composite Engineering and Prelim. Crashworthiness Analysis-WEV/UEV Electric Vehicles (DARPA/Keystone Consortium)
Materials, Process, Bonding and Composite Test Specifications for HULD LD-3 Container (FAA/Jaycor)
BIOS Nuclear Penetrator Deployable Composite Wing Design/Analysis (Sandia NL/Comtec)
Extended Reach Composite Drill Pipe (ACPT/DOE)
Piper Aircraft PA-28 Composite Cowl Design and Radiator Installation (Plane Parts, Inc.)
Personal Air Vehicle Research Project (NASA Contract NNL05AB23P)
Legacy 450/500 Aileron Fatigue and Damage Tolerance Certification Test Plan (Ducommun/Embraer)



George Gruenberger Memorial Award for Outstanding Literary Contribution to Sport Aviation, Experimental Aircraft Association, 1977.

Excellence in Oral Presentation Award, SAE Aerospace Congress and Exposition, Long Beach, CA, 1982

Certificate of Appreciation, SME Conference on Composites in Manufacturing II, Anaheim, CA, 1983

Group Achievement Award, NASA Goddard Space Flight Center, Center of Excellence, “WMAP Thermal Reflector System Development Team”, February 20, 2000.

U.S. Patent 4,204,323, Dental Impression Tray, assigned to NDR Associates, Anaheim, CA (of which Mr. Neubert is 1/3rd owner).  U.S. Patent 7,458,617, Composite Drill Pipe, assigned to ACPT, Huntington Beach, CA.

NASA TECH BRIEF, "A Proposed Laser Measurement System for Determining Surface Contour", Brief 70-10263, July 1970.

FAA Designated Engineering Representative, Structures, Part 23 & 25 Aircraft, FAA Northwest Mountain Region, Designation No. DERT-605393-NM, Delegated Functions: A1, A4, J10(3)A, Special P1 & P4 Major Repairs & Alterations of Chart A, Order 8110.37.

Mr. Neubert is a member of Sigma Xi Honorary Research Society.

Mr. Neubert is an active pilot, Comml, Instr., Multi, and flys his own Twin Comanche for pleasure.


Thermal Reflector System Design and Testing for the Microwave Anisotropy Probe, Hans D. Neubert and Wayne Chen, 14th Annual AIAA/USU Conference on Small Satellites, 21 August 2000.

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Speed Improvements and Panel Modifications, Comanche Flyer, March 1992.

Getting a New Grip on Things (Control Wheel Modification), Comanche Flyer, September 1991.

Design and Installation of a Digital Fuel Flow Meter and Totalizer, Sport Aviation, January 1990 (Similar article appeared in the Comanche Flyer).

Manufacturing Aspects of an Aerobatic Aircraft Wing using Advanced Composite Materials, H. D. Neubert and L. E. Loudenslager, SME Conference on Composites II, Anaheim, CA, January 4-6, 1983.

Design of Aerobatic Aircraft Wing Using Advanced Composite Materials, SAE Paper 821346, H. D. Neubert and L. E. Loudenslager, Aerospace Congress & Exposition, October 25-28, 1982.

Advanced Composite Materials in Aerobatic Aircraft, 27th National SAMPE Symposium and Exhibition, H. D. Neubert & L. E. Loudenslager, Vol. 27, pp. 995-1002, May 4-6, 1982.

Microcracking Effects on Dimensional Stability, S. A. Eselun, H. D. Neubert and E. Wolff, 24th National SAMPE Symposium and Exhibition, Vol. 24, 1979.

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GFRP Applications for Spacecraft, TRW Report MEL-74-A-83.

Fabrication of Composite Structures, H. D. Neubert and G. D. Peddie, 5th SPI Tooling Conference, August 1970.

Graphite Epoxy Wing Box Program - Tension Field Design, General Dynamics/Convair Report
GDC-ERR-1529, December 1969.

Design and Analysis of Composite Structures, 1st Aerospace Design Conference, Seattle, WA, June 1969.

Design and Analysis of Composite Structures, General Dynamics/Convair Report GDC-ERR-1281, December 1968.